LATEST A4 TILES £50 - £65

Here on my latest A4 size Tiles page you'll see some newer work, some of these tiles are still available to buy, or if you like the look of one but would like something changing or personalising please feel free to email me.

All my tiles are hand press moulded, in plaster moulds. They are fired 3 times; Bisque, Glaze and Lustre.

Earthenware and Porcelain bodies are used in the production and fired at Earthenware and Stoneware temperatures to achieve contrasting shiny and matt finishes.

The clay is textured with Lace, Wallpaper and Paper Doyleys, and coloured with decorating slips.

In most cases, on glaze Lustre’s, in precious metals (gold & platinum) and bright Iridescent colours are hand painted into details in the designs and then fired on.

A4 Its a Vibration Tile
A4 Heron Tile
A4 1 Has Blue Eyes Tile
A4 The Sun the Moon the Stars & the Sky
A4 Eutopia Tile
A4 Transformations in Porcelain
A4 Bee Eater 1205
A4 It Started There
A4 Collage 8
Sum grey
Lost in Space
A4 The Whole 9