3D WORK. Vases, bowls, plates, boxes & trinkets from £30 - £150

Here you'll see a selection of my 3D pieces, they cost from £30 each and can go up to approx £150 depending on the complexity of the design.

Any of the 3D work can be made to commission or if you like the look of one but would like something changing or personalising please feel free to email me.

All my vases and bowls are hand press moulded, in plaster moulds. They are fired 3 times; Bisque, Glaze and Lustre.

Earthenware and Porcelain bodies are used in the production and fired at Earthenware and Stoneware temperatures to achieve contrasting shiny and matt finishes.

The clay is textured with Lace, Wallpaper and Paper Doyleys, and coloured with decorating slips.

In most cases, on glaze Lustre’s, in precious metals (gold & platinum) and bright Iridescent colours are hand painted into details in the designs and then fired on.

2-Boxes 2 Cups 3 Trinkets
Chunky Rose Bowl Large Plate Lustre Bowl
Lustre Bowl 2 Medium Bowl 2
Matt Lustre Vase
Medium Matt Lustre Vase with Ruffled Edge Medium Vase Small & Medium Vases
Small Bowl
Open-Birdy Box Open Box
Porcelain Bird Box
3 Rose Bowls
3 Rose Bowls
Large Bowl with Birds
Porcelain Bird Box
Unglazed hand coiled vase with Geo design
Manchester Skyline hand coiled Vase
Unglazed Hand Coiled Vase with Geo Design
Manchester Skyline Hand Coiled Vase
Smooth Small Bowl
Geometric Design Vase
TallGeometric Pattern Vase Vase with Geometric Design
Tall Vase 2
Tall Geo Vase with Lustre
Trinket Box